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Peace Mural in Belfast

Peace Mural in Belfast, Northern Ireland

In order to be listed on this page, resources must meet the following criteria:

– They must represent established, verified, quality materials on the history and practice of community organizing,
– They must be generally available free of charge through public libraries or online outlets, and
– They must be convenient and helpful for individual or small and large group learning.

Links and Software:

Gmail: or Yahoo: provide free email accounts.

Free website hosting, where you can get assistance building a website for your organization, is available through these providers: 

Apache Open Office: free Office Suite software, featuring applications for word processing, spreadsheets, database management, presentation software, and other products.

Organizing Software-

Campaign Engine– a comprehensive, easy-to-use software for managing non-profits and progressive campaigns.

Community Organizing Toolkit– the core to the toolkit is a role-playing game that teaches face-to-face organizing for residents and community leaders. Developed by the Center for Third World Organizing. Learn to knock on doors!

Practical Research-

Trends and Techniques for the Classroom & Field, 1998-2000- Community organizing strategies and case examples in addressing issues relating to asthma
Community and Labor Organizing:

Perspectives from Practice- Integrating Distance Learning Technologies Into Community Organizing-1999- 2000

Basic Principles for Organizing: helpful, practical advice for organizing.

Community Organizing: For A Change (a career guide)

Educating for Social Change: The Impact of an Innovtive Interdisciplinary Community Organizing Course on Hunter Students’ Career and Civic Pursiuts. (with Andrea Case); Presented at ACOSA Symposium at Council on Social Work Education, 1999

An Innovative Model for Teaching A Community Organizing Course at Hunter College (with Christina Danguilan, MPH), 1998.

Community Organizing and Urban Education: The Series , Professor Aaron Schultz’ practical examination of the relationship between community organizing and education.  Highly recommended.

National Organizations-

Center for Third World Organizing: A organizing movement which works to create social justice and democracy for communities of color.

The DART Center: Congregation-based community organizing group which has trained over 10,000 community residents and 150 community organizers

The Gamaliel Foundation: The Gamaliel Foundation is an network of organizing groups which represent a multi-faith people who work on social justice campaigns.

National Organizers Alliance: Works to promote social justice and radical organizing for those who do it, both young and old.

United Farm Workers: The movement of farm workers to create societal change through organizing, political action, and research.

The Center for Community Change: Works to build social movements through advocacy and direct action.

Miscellaneous Valuable Links-


Sisters in Action for Power: organizes girls in Portland to fight for equity and resources while developing leadership skills.

The Building Movement Project: issued a report – Up Next: Generation Change and the Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations.

Highlander Center : one of the oldest and most respected grassroots and training organizations in America. Read their history to be inspired.

Western State Center hosts two training institutes for emerging leaders in the western states- Western Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) and Western Institute for Leadership Development for Immigrants and Refugees (WILDIR).

The Jewish Organizing Initiative & Network: recruits young Jewish adults from all over the world for a year of leadership training that includes: working for social and economic justice, Jewish learning, training in grass roots community organizing skills, and Jewish community building.

Movement Strategy Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that is committed to advancing the next generation of leaders for a sustainable progressive movement.

United Steelworkers: sponsors Women of Steel, a program that brings women members together for training and planning to engage women members in political action and organizing campaigns.

The AFL-CIO sponsors the Organizing Institute, a program that trains new organizers for union organizing campaigns of their affiliated unions and Union Summer, a program that introduces college age youth to union organizing.

SEIU sponsors Generation S (SEIU), a program that brings together members and staff less than 30 years of age for training, strategizing and development as leaders.

Race Forward- The Center for Racial Justice Innovation: advances racial justice through research, advocacy and journalism and has offices in Oakland, CA, Chicago and New York City.

Grassroots Fundraising Journal and Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT) publish the journal and provide training to strengthen the fundraising skills in organizations working in communities of color.

The Citizens Handbook, a Guide to Building Community  by Charles Dobson, Vancouver Citizen’s Committee, which is described as “the best quick guide to community organizing on the web.”

Education Center for Community Organizing (ECCO) at Hunter College: supports “human service workers and community organizers through workshops, conferences, festivals, forums, consultations, written materials, training and skills development.”