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Community Organizing Training

The Justice Factory has created a comprehensive training curriculum, The Fundamentals of Grassroots Community Organizing I, II, and III, covering all aspects of grassroots community organizing. The curriculum is modular, and workshops can range from a broad 60 minute overview on the subject to a 5-day intensive experiential workshop.

Key Benefits

– Designed for community groups, congregations, neighborhood and block clubs, school groups, or any size group that is committed to social justice.

– Can be used as an effective tool for non-profit organizational development, leadership and board development, marketing, outreach, and fundraising.

– The curriculum is in the form of Powerpoint© -style presentations, but can be viewed using free OpenOffice presentation software.

– Is available free of charge to any bona-fide grassroots community organization.

– Workshops can be presented by the local organization or can be organizer (instructor) -led.

– Can be customized to fit local needs.

– Can serve as the beginning of an on-going relationship between the organizer and the local organization, with follow-up activities, refresher workshops, or future consulting as desired by the local organization.

Course Descriptions:

The Fundamentals of Grassroots Community Organizing I

  1. Define “Grassroots Community Organizing”
  2. Learn about the history of grassroots community organizing in America
  3. Answer the question- “How is ‘grassroots community organizing’ different from just ‘getting organized’“?
  4. Define the terms and concepts that are key to understanding the organizing process
  5. Identify the basic steps and methods used in community organizing
  6. Explore how community organizing might relate to the mission of your organization

The Fundamentals of Grassroots Community Organizing II-

  1. Expanding on the topics introduced in Part I, participants:
  2. Learn the importance of “Guiding Principles” in organizing
  3. Learn how to identify and motivate key leaders
  4. Learn “Organizing Rule #1” and “Organizing Rule #2
  5. Define “Enlightened Self-interest”
  6. Practice relationship-building and “The One-On-One Process“
  7. Explore how organizing might be beneficial to your agency, group, company, association, etc.

The Fundamentals of Grassroots Community Organizing III

  1. Building on Parts I and II, participants:
  2. Learn how to identify and “cut” an issue
  3. Learn how to identify “the REAL decision-makers”
  4. Learn the dos and don’ts of action-planning
  5. Learn the importance of “Turnout!, Turnout!, Turnout!” and how to produce it.
  6. Learn the importance of honest evaluation of successes and failures

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