Books and Research


 Bury Apartheid

In order to be listed on this page, resources must meet the following criteria:

– They must represent established, verified, quality written materials on the history and practice of community organizing,
– They must be generally available free of charge through public libraries or online outlets, and
– They must be convenient and helpful for individual or small and large group learning.

Saul Alinsky, Reveille for Radicals, the basic text by the founder of modern organizing.  Read an excerpt here:

Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall, Steve Max, Organizing for Social Change, proven, step-by-step organizing techniques that work.  A seminal work.  Not free, but worth every penny.

Dave Beckwith, review of Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out by Jessie Sutherland

Jeff Pinzino, review of Learning Power: Organizing for Education and Justice by Jeannie Oakes & John Rogers with Martin Lipton

Cheryl Honey, Community Organizing:  Past, Present, and Future

Deborah Lynn Marois, Beyond Polarities: Collaboration and Conflict in Community Health Partnerships

Terri McNichol, “Getting Started: Involving Your Community in Exhibit Development

Benjamin Shepard, “Four Narratives of Anti-Poverty Community Mobilization: Housing Works, FIERCE, the New York City AIDS Housing Network Human Rights Watch, and the More Gardens! Coalition

Amanda Tattersall, There is Power in Coalition: A Framework for Analysing the Practice of Union-Community Coalition

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