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Joliet Diocese Announces Anti-Poverty Grants for Grassroots Organizing


From Joliet, Illinois Patch:

Anti-Poverty Organizations Eligible for Grants

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is attempting to address the problem of poverty by providing grants to self-help programs initiated and led by poor people. These groups help create sustainable jobs, preserve affordable housing, improve neighborhoods, and enhance opportunities for people so they can find a dignified way out of poverty.

CCHD is funded by Catholics who generously give in a once-a-year collection at their parishes.(more)

“Catholic-funded group helping beleaguered Portland tenants”



Community Alliance of Tenants Renters protest at the Oregon Capitol, organized by the Community Alliance of Tenants. The group, which receives Catholic funding, is pressing Portland officials to address high rents and evictions in the city.

Catholic Sentinel of Portland, Oregon article describing recent work of Portland’s Community Alliance of Tenants, “Oregon’s only statewide, grassroots, tenant-controlled, tenant-rights organization” and their fight for fair housing policies.

“The Community Alliance of Tenants, which has received funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, is pushing the city of Portland to do something about rising rents and associated evictions that have made life unstable for many Portlanders.”  (11/14/2015)