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The Justice Factory recognizes and respects the right of people to control their intellectual property. And we seek to recognize and celebrate the creative artists, such as photographers, who have chronicled the historic struggle for justice and reconciliation. For this reason, we make every effort to provide proper attribution for any materials we use.

Please note the photos below. If we know the copyright owner we provide a citation. In cases where we are not sure of the owner, we list the online site from which the photo was obtained. In this way we hope to be of assistance in determining the owner, and thereby help to protect their right to control their intellectual property.

We welcome, at any time, any additional information that anyone, including the owner, can provide that will help to protect the rights of owners of intellectual property. And we look forward to recognizing their valuable contributions.

RustinAP photo/Eddie Adams

Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Pope FrancisCNS Photo/Paul Haring


2CatholicJew_16103516_8colDana Rozance of Vidaroza Photography (2013)

James M. Barrens head shot2Cherie Diaz, St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay) Times

Interfaith-service-911-memorialCNS photo/Paul Haring

Pope John Paul II and Chief Rabbi of Rome Elio ToaffCredit: L’Osservatore Romano.