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“Power comes from only two things; organized money and organized people. We don’t have any money-  that’s why we need organized people.”

The Justice Factory website was established in 2007 to fill an urgent need: to promote interfaith reconciliation, peace, and justice.

At TJF we focus on three specific areas related to our mission:

  1. Heroes of Social Justice– Profiles of Inspirational People
  2. Catholic-Jewish Reconciliation– In the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council
  3. Community Organizing– Creating Power and Leadership to Effect Change

We believe that these areas provide us with inspiration for our souls and tools for our bodies as we work to create a better world.

The Justice Factory has created a comprehensive curriculum for training community leaders and winning local issues. The Fundamentals of Grassroots Community Organizing I, II, and III, covers all aspects of grassroots community organizing and leadership development. The curriculum is offered free of charge to any legitimate community-based organization. See Community Organizing/Curriculum and Training for further information.

The Justice Factory website supports community organizing to promote interfaith reconciliation, peace, and justice